6 Top Marketing Trends for Small Businesses in 2021

If your small business has not yet reached its full potential (and let’s face it whose has!?), it’s best to consider your marketing strategies. The trick is to focus on the businesses goals and start the year with a plan. The following small marketing business trends are likely to impact your business, so make sure that they are considered in your marketing plan. 

Conversational marketing 

This is one of the most interesting trends in digital marketing, Conversational Marketing involves the use of conversational interfaces, messaging, how search queries are processed, and adopting to the use of smart speakers for search results. Artificial intelligence is the bedrock of this type of marketing. AI ensures the fastest way toward the sales funnel since it uses real-time communication. Through conversational marketing, the small business site is able to provide a more human-centric experience instead of simply being just another online catalog.  

Consider how your headings are worded, the titles of blogs and articles and even the tone of your website. The use of messenger bots to answer customer queries is part of this solution. How can you best provide access to information without them needing to read/search your site? 

Video Marketing Is a Necessity 

The difference between video and text content is significant when you want to showcase your products or services. Unlimited Data plans have changed how we engage with video (most now not even considering data caps) which makes it inevitable customers will likely watch videos anytime. Statistics also revealed that video marketing has become a more engaging activity. You can easily have a YouTube/Instagram influencer promote products or services through live streaming. This is the best way to create hype around the product or service. 

Make the most of Instagram and TikTok 

Instagram has enjoyed a meteoric rise in younger users. The site has over 1 billion users, and most of them are below 30 years old. TikTok has also cut out a large slice of the pie due to its popularity and algorithms to continue to show new engaging videos. Influencer marketing is the most popular type of marketing used across TikTok and Instagram. According to research, 85 percent of the marketing done on Instagram is through the use of social media celebrities to promote brand awareness and create more sales. 

Customer reviews becoming more important 

Customer reviews are more important now than ever since most consumers are trying to cut back on expenses, foregoing big brands. These consumers look for better alternatives, giving small businesses more opportunities. They may not have the credibility of huge brands, but small businesses may hold sway through encouraging customer reviews. 

Personalised email campaigns 

The good-old email has not lost its charms, and email marketing continues. Every day, billions of emails are sent for various purposes. Personalised emails are known to earn higher email open and click-through rates compared to generalised emails. The technique is to collect customers’ details through newsletter sign up forms on your website, and create emails to target the specific requirements of your customers based on their profiles. 

Gen Z is joining the workforce 

Your marketing efforts need to target your ideal customers. Gen Z is joining the workforce and the consumer market. The Gen Z generation makes up 40 percent of consumers and about 86 million people. It’s crucial for you to understand their needs, motivations, and priorities from the previous generations. This will help you to come up with a better hiring process, know the better candidates, and what questions to ask.

Digico, for your website needs 

If you need a website, Digico, digicowebsites.com has template ready designs to see you succeed, and we consistently up the ante when it comes to our marketing strategies based on market trends. This makes us more relevant to the current market. We also offer a refreshed or replaced website every three years. 

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