Affordable Web Design

What makes affordable web design? 

Whilst many think of affordable web design being just about the price paid for a website, the simple truth is affordable web design it’s about getting great value for money for the service (website) received. 

Here at DIGICO we believe all businesses should be able to achieve and receive great value web design services; the cost of a website should not be the reason why businesses cannot get online. 

Here’s the list we think makes the requirements for affordable web design: 

  • PRICE: Whilst it’s not the sole factor for affordable web design, naturally price comes into it.  We understand what can be affordable for one business might be unaffordable for another and therefore is subjective.  

Our mission here at DIGICO is that believe a website should be accessible through a low or nil upfront cost and reasonable monthly fees. 

  • THE ADDED EXTRAS:  Headline rates are all well and good but the devil is in the detail. The only devil that we like here at DIGICO is devil cake.  

When arbitrary limits are put in place such as the number of products you can have on a site, or transaction fees charged, or page limits, or every little minor change being a cost… all of a sudden, the headline rate and the price actually paid seemed to be poles apart.  

When we set up the DIGICO we decided to do away with added extras and instead put together packages that allowed everything necessary for a business to run successfully online to be included. 

  • ONGOING SUPPORT: When businesses search for affordable web design, ongoing support is not often top of mind. Ongoing support is vital to ensure a website remains safe for customers today, tomorrow and next year. Your customers expect to be able to use your site safely. And trust once lost is hard to earn back. Web designs change. Best practice guidelines change. What we viewed in 1999 isn’t what we expect today.  We believe you need a web partner that holds the same old-fashioned values other industries possess toward great customer service and ensuring industry best practice designs. Without this how can a website truly be affordable?  
  • HOSTING:  Unless you’ve got more money than sense, a website should be a tool to increase sales inquiries and leads for your business. Hosting is the (silent) elephant in the room when it comes to a website ranking. Many businesses know their website must be mobile friendly, that it must have clear calls to action, great navigation and a strong visual identity. Regretfully many businesses neglect to consider the requirement of website hosting. DIGICO proudly use Google cloud servers to ensure all websites load fast for your clients. Whilst it might not seem a long time to you, we have been known move our clients websites to save two hundreds of a second. We really take hosting seriously. 
  • NO TIE-INS OR LONG TERM CONTRACTS: We hate forced contracts here at DIGICO, but with many affordable web design solutions we were amazed to see the contract could be anywhere between one to three years.  

Surely a three-year contract is a sentence? Now we might be crazy, but we want to form partnerships with our clients. At DIGICO we decided to turn the industry norm of contracts on their head. YOU are in control. Our clients can leave whenever they wish with just 30 day’s notice. No longer should your business have to stay with their web design company out of obligation. We encourage our clients to stay out of choice. This ensures we continue to always strive for excellence. 

If you are looking for affordable web design here in New Zealand, we believe there is only one option – that is DIGICO. Of course, we are biased and proudly so. But we challenge you to compare us across the board against any of our competitors no matter their size 

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