Unlimited Changes

Take Control and action your to-do list. Get Unlimited Website Changes for your business.

Your website needs to reflect and grow alongside your business. Updating your website is vital to Google and ranking highly. Whether you’re adding or edit your online store and product offering, changing your branding, updating your staff page, or simply want to update your key wording and offers, you’ll need to edit your website.


We change a fixed monthly fee. This allows you to get on with your to-do list and no longer worry about revisions and edits on your website.

Unlimited Changes

Whether it's an image or a blog article, it's covered!

Set Monthly Fee

One set fee, that doesn’t change for the life of your plan with us. If our prices go up, your price will remain the same for the life of your contract with us. No surprise increases.

The same team that built your website

We built your website and stand by it. If the team cannot edit an aspect of your site due to functionality being coded, our developers will edit this – all included within the price.

FAQ's on Unlimited Website Changes:

What do we see as Website changes?

To us, we consider Website Changes as small changes (up to 30minutes) made to the imagery or text you have on your site, uploading pdfs or adding new images to your gallery. If you regularly add products to your website and don’t want to learn a new system, Unlimited website changes could be perfect for your business.

For just one fixed monthly fee you can add to any of our website packages  and we will make the changes for you.

What is included

Below is a comprehensive list of what is included. If you are unsure if your website changes are included let us know and we can happily advise. 

  • Unlimited text and image changes to your existing website pages  
  • Changing your tone or style across your site 
  • Adding products to your ecommerce website 
  • Adding listings to your website  
  • Adding new blogs to your website  
  • Updating image sliders / carousels 
  • Adding new images 
  • Updating image galleries 
  • Changing and updating headings 
  • Changing colour schemes / styling / font sizes 
  • Updating and navigation / footer details 
  • Modifying / Replacing text 
  • Adding new blog posts 
  • Linking / interlinking blog articles and main pages
What if I have multiple small changes?

You can request as many changes as you wish, and we will work through these, alongside other client requests. We ask each different request is sent through individually so that each request is clearly outlined and actionable by the team.

For example, updating all images across a website gallery would be one request with all the images sent. Updating images and wording on the homepage would be a separate request. If an about page also had updated images and wording changes, we would ask this is put through separately again so it is clear for our team.

Can you tweak or amend the wording provided?

Within our unlimited website changes package, we do not tweak or amend wording provided. We will use the wording provided exactly as it is. If you then decide this wording isn’t suitable, simply request an additional change letting us know what needs to be updated and the team will happily revise.

Get Started Today

Contact the team at DIGICO to start your journey today. From getting online to growing we will be here every step of the way. Websites without the bull. DIGICO is on a mission to make Web Design Affordable for all businesses.

Simple Website Editing

We’ve done all the hard work for you. From adding images or editing text, it’s a simple process. Our websites are built on the WordPress platform, which powers over 50% of the world’s websites.

Industry Specific Templates

We have your industry covered. Furthermore, we setup your site with the your branding, colour scheme and logo.

E-Commerce Templates

Setting up an E-Commerce store is scary and exciting. You shouldn’t need to worry about how to set up a Woo Commerce Store. So don’t. We do all technical setup for you. You just add your products. Did you know that Woo Commerce is the most used open platform Ecommerce solution? More popular than shopify, and open source. 


Looking for integrations? We have you covered. View Integrations


Need to sell through your website? We have you covered. We have developed E-Commerce themes, so you can add and update your own products on your site. This integrates with stripe allowing you to take payments.

Bespoke Website Copywriting

We know how to write copy that converts. Digico is Web Design and SEO Specialists; we know a thing or two about how to create engaging website copy, loved by Google and your customers.


Metadata is the lifeblood of your website. Unseen by your customers yet vital for its ranking on Google. We can write implement and submit your site with all this valuable data to Google. You just need to sit back and watch the enquiries come in.

Site Health Guarantee

We guarantee to keep your site healthy. As part of a monthly catchup meeting we will go over all areas impacting on your sites health. If the issues are relating to technical issues with our site build, or pages we have built (and website copy and metadata if we wrote this) – we guarantee to fix it.

Monthly Website Review Meetings

Do you need a Website Review Meeting covering your business objectives, goals and end outcomes? Within this meeting we will look at what steps you as a business owner can do to improve your ranking and share ideas and tips on how to keep your businesses online offering on track.

Monthly Competitor Analysis Meetings

Need to know how your competitors are performing? Want insights into how they are ranking, where their traffic is originating from, and how best to grow in your market? Our Monthly Competitor Analysis Meetings achieve exactly that.

Booking Functionality

We know some businesses require the ability to take bookings. Clients need to know when you are available and be able to request an appointment or meeting. Get your business growing whilst you do what you are good at!

Product & Listing Functionality

Sometimes your need to list products, however don’t want a checkout process. For example you might be a Real Estate Expert wanting to to list the latest properties you are selling? Or perhaps showcase sold properties, changing ‘Available’ to ‘Sold’ with a tick of a button?

Business Email (Starter Plan)

We know branded emails are important to providing a professional image for your business. We are delighted to offer branded emails for your business.

1 email account 500MB email storage

Business Email (Business & Growth Plans)

The storage allowance on business and growth plans can be split across your email accounts however your wish.

Up to 5 email accounts. 2GB total

No Commission & Transaction Fees

We will setup your online shop so that it is ready to connect to your chosen payment gateway. This is included in our setup - and is at no additional cost to you. We also do not impose commission and transaction fees on your sales.

10x Higher Size Limits

When you need a website you don’t want to be worrying about size limits for your site. Ours are roughly 10x more generous than an average website requires.