Best Local SEO Tips to Make Plumbers More Visible Online

Local SEO is not a trend. It is a necessity particularly for any service-oriented businesses like plumbing. Without local SEO, you will miss out on eighty percent of your targeted audience every month. You might be wondering what differentiates local SEO from traditional SEO. The answer is the geographical component. With local SEO for plumbers, you can be assured of less competition and an easier journey for you to rank on the first page of major search engine results pages such as Google, Bing, etc.

Local SEO will make the plumbing service visible to potential customers who use keywords that show local intent on their searches such as “plumbers near me,” “plumbers in Auckland,” and “plumbers Whangarei.” Several factors can affect how a local business will appear in the local searches such as customer reviews, social media activities, Google My Business listing accuracy, highly optimised website, and backlinks from authority sites.

The following are the best local SEO tips we’ve considered to make sure all your campaigns are optimised to maximise your market reach:

Optimise your plumbing site for local search.

There are several ways to do this. You can make sure that the site is mobile-friendly since over 50 percent of online traffic is from mobile searches. People search online using their mobile devices more than their desktops. The site has to be secure. Another thing is auditing and optimising the web pages’ metadata or your title tags and meta descriptions to include target keywords and priority service areas for them to rank better on search engine results pages (SERPs).

Don’t forget to include the business name, address, and phone number on the site’s footer. Of course, it’s given that your site has to have content that rocks. Make sure your business is more accessible through enabling click-to-call. High-quality customer testimonials will also boost your site’s local searches.

(Good news – this is all as standard with DIGICO and

Create and consistently maintain your Google My Business page.

Google My Business (GMB) is a free directory service that lets any business share their contact details, link to their site or their physical outlet with Google Map directions to make it easier to find, manage their online reputation, and engage with any prospective customer. The business can also share its images, videos, posts, and customer reviews. GMB enjoys high regard from all search engines. This is why it is crucial to optimise your plumbing company’s GMB content with a good keyword strategy. By making your local business address visible, your potential customers can easily find you online.

Claim and verify online profiles of the plumbing business on review sites.

People will always be putting out their reviews of your business on various review sites, whether it is beneficial to you or not. Doing this can help your local SEO ranking in major search engines.

Check your citations or service listings on other directories.

Citations are the listings of your plumbing business on other sites such as local business directories, industry listings, and trade listings. You have to ensure that the business name, address, and phone number are accurate and consistent in all your listings. The more listings your plumbing business has, the more likely it is that search engines will consider your business as a legitimate one and as an authority in the industry.

Be sure to create a blog but make it optimised for local search.

Through a blog, you can produce fresh content, share new ideas, and search engines just love new, fresh, and useful ideas. There are some ways to ensure a good score for your plumbing site on local search results. Make sure that the blog is on the main site domain and not a subdomain. Talk about local issues and include the name of your city or your local area in the blog as much as possible. Research for the best keywords and use these naturally on the blog. You can also work on your links both to your internal pages and to high-quality content from other websites or blogs.

You have to work on your social proofs.

You have to consistently work on getting social proofs which include reviews on Google My Business, other online directories, Facebook, and other social media sites, responding to customer reviews on various platforms, and video testimonials from your happy and satisfied customers. Make sure that you know how to play by the rules. Yelp prohibits businesses to ask for reviews while Google prohibits giving incentives for reviews. You can also try to work on being featured in local news and media agencies.

Make sure you add photos of your local business.

Photos are important in local SEO. They can enhance your local brand and make it more relatable to your prospective clients. Make sure that you include photos of your local service area, the location in the neighbourhood, and even your office space which will help make your business more authentic and highly memorable. Photos have long been a dedication factor of many clients. They also allow people to share information about your business visually. Additionally, it allows for a Google Image search, which further improves your local site’s local search results. Search Engine Journal said that around 20 percent of web searches in the US alone take place through Google Images.

If you want to see more sales from your plumbing business, make sure that your site is optimised for local search.

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