Butchery Web Designs

Do you need a butchery Website design?

Butcheries are complex businesses, and that’s before you take into account health and safety legislation food preparation standards and an attention to detail that supermarkets just don’t have to the meat that we get to enjoy when shopping locally at a NZ butchery.

What web designs are available for butchers?

Here at DIGICO we believe small businesses other backbone of the New Zealand economy. We are also proud carnivores. we were delighted to be given the opportunity to work with a local butcher here in the Whangarei district and learned quickly how a traditional E-commerce website just simply wouldn’t cut it.

From various weight increments, to unit pricing, to per kilogram the needs of a butchery for their e-commerce store are far from simple. With complexity typically comes increased cost.

Affordable Butchery Web Design

Here at DIGICO, we work differently. We worked closely with our client to develop an E- commerce store that could suit their needs and help their business in their next chapter of growth. As such we developed a website Template perfect for the needs and requirements of a typical butcher.

If you’re a butcher looking to get online why not check out the DIGICO butchery templates that we have created that allows you to list your products offer click and collect, online ordering, delivery and full customisation and self-management of your products.

Unlike traditional web design templates from the likes of wix, weebly and squarespace we set up the brand colour scheme for your business so that you don’t have to learn web design, and instead can focus on doing what you do best- butchery.

So when you need a butchery website for your business, check out our custom made websites for your industry. It comes with all the bells and whistles that you could need, without the price tag.

DIGICO is able to offer affordable web design through creating beautiful optimised website templates, perfect for your industry your customers and optimised for search by licensing the template design.

We simply charge a one-off setup fee and then a low monthly hosting and license fee which also includes such great things as email accounts, domain name, content writing, site backups, SSL certificates, and security updates.  To find out more about our packages simply visit our pricing page

DIGICO is your affordable web design company based here in the heart of New Zealand.


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