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Frequently Asked Questions:

Will the website regardless of the plan I choose be in our companies colour scheme and have our logo and branding?

Yes. Absolutely. Our example designs are just that. The One-Off Setup Fee covers making all necessary changes to the site to put it in your colour scheme and brand colours. If your package includes stock images we will also put these into the site for you. Images and wording are able to be changed by yourself at any time, and as such we encourage our clients to do this themselves so they know how too at a later date.

What does the setup fee include?

What the setup fee includes depends on the plan you choose. You can view the plans here

I cannot find a plan suitable. Can you help?

We are more than happy to help wherever possible. Remember that professional website membership plans are not suitable for every business. We have limited options so that we can support as many businesses as possible. If you need something else view our full website design services.

Should I choose a bespoke or theme based design?

Depending on whether you choose a bespoke or theme based design is based entirely on budget.

It is true that template websites generally don’t rank as well on Google as professionally built bespoke sites. But this is because they often have features (and therefore code) that is not needed, so can be slower. However, we host all our sites on the Google Cloud infrastructure, so they are lightning fast.

If you are interested in our bespoke web design services however we are more than happy to assist. We do not currently offer bespoke web design on a subscription basis.

What happens if we outgrow your platform and need something bigger or bespoke?

First of all, how great is that! We don’t like goodbyes however, and hope that you will remain with us, here at Digico and move to one of our comprehensive website service packages.

We are keen to partner with our clients and when the time comes for your website to develop and grow are will be ready to assist. For customers leaving our Subscription Plans onto one of our web design service packages, special pricing applies.

How are your subscription plans for web design so cheap?

To make these professional themes as affordable as possible we have made a decision to licence these as a subscription service. Like Netflix, for your website. We established the website subscription plans to enable businesses to get online without the upfront cost that can hamper many small and fledgling businesses.

We proudly cater for new startups and small businesses as well as larger multi million dollar businesses. Over our years we have met many businesses who want the same great service we offer our clients without the cost of entry. This is for them.

We want to see businesses outgrow these plans and take their industry by storm. We want to help be part of that journey. And when the time is right to move to one of our web design service packages, special pricing applies!

Where are these sites hosted?

Hosting is an important factor for a websites ranking in the search results, which is why we utilise Google Cloud Services for all our clients hosting. We use the same top level hosting platform for our website subscription services as we do for our Custom Web Design Packages. We don’t skimp on hosting. Ever. Equally our hosting comes with the same great extras as our web design service packages.

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes you sure can. We want you to stay with us because you want to be with us, not because you have to be with us.

Due to the fact that these website packages are subscription based just remember you cannot take a copy of your website with you. If you rejoin, a setup fee will again become payable as we will need to setup your site again. If you cancel you’ll need to ensure you save any images or wording from your site before your subscription ends.

Equally you can rejoin at any stage too. We have made the process as simple as possible as we know change is the only constant in business.