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We understand when you are testing a new business idea it can be a challenge to get online. It is for this reason that we have launched Digico. The aim of Digico is to make it possible for small businesses here in NZ to get online and grow.  

Unlike many other free web design services where you are left to learn and figure everything out yourself costing you valuable time, here at Digico we decided to do things differently. 

Whilst we believe all our packages offer amazing value, we have also decided to launch a free web design service for small businesses. When we considered the options, we could have followed our competitors and offered: 

  • limited page numbers  
  • Reduced functionality 
  • included significant restrictions on what was possible 

all so we could offer ‘free web design’… 

This doesn’t fit our ethos and values. We decided to make it possible for businesses to apply to have a free website on our starter plan.  

This means that we still: 

  • Setup your websites branding 
  • Optimise the site for you before putting it live 
  • Allow for a domain to be attached (unlike many others) 
  • Include free email account 

As we set up the branding, color scheme, and theme you choose from our many designs, it’s customized to your business so your brand is consistent. No funny trade offs. 

How can we offer a done for you Free Web Design Service? 

We simply ask that in return, you complete the form below outlining why you believe you should qualify for a free website design and how you can help us spread the word about Digico. 

Digicowebsites.com is a New Zealand based company with the sole aim of providing affordable websites to small businesses. We take great pleasure in hearing how the websites we have made have helped our clients increase sales and launch amazing products and services. 

If you believe you can help in our vision of spreading the word about Digico we would love to support your business, and in turn set up a free website.  

Free web design doesn’t have to cost your business valuable time. Leave it with us and you can be on line in weeks not months.

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