DigicoWebsites.com vs. Squarespace

If you are thinking about designing or redesigning your current website, someone likely suggested Squarespace as one of the tools to use. Squarespace is a site-building and hosting company, which offers software for such services. Squarespace also lets users utilise the pre-built website templates they provide as well as the drag-and-drop elements which will be used to create and modify web pages. 

There are however alternatives. DigicoWebsites is a digital design and development company formed by the powerful team behind 1768degrees.com. Digico revolutionalises web design to support small businesses around the globe.  

On Features and Functionality

Unlike Squarespace, Digico uses WordPress as the platform for creating websites that are more customisable with thousands of apps and plugins available for their users. The company also uses the Google Cloud, perfect for supporting any desire to rank organically on Google. Digico will  setup the website customising the design, branding an colour scheme.  

Site templates are not only customisable; they are also comprehensive, which means that everything your users can possibly need is integrated into it. The company also has add-on services if you happen to have special requirements or preferences, particularly about features and functionality.  

Included in the price is the refreshing or choosing a new design for your website every three years. In addition, Digico also offers superb add-on services such as mentoring support, competitor analysis meetings and monthly SEO services. Mentoring support is a great help especially for those who are not really familiar with SEO, web design, and SEO.  

Competitor analysis meetings are also provided by the company to its clients. This will help them find out more about the performance of their competitors. Digico will review the customer’s top competitors and provide advice and guidance on how to grow the business and beat the competition.  

A website typically becomes technically obsolete for Google in search engine ranking terms after three years. This is why Digico offers a new website to its client every three years. This will make sure that your site is suitable for modern day trends, and adheres to best-practice standards in the industry. 

It is undeniably easy to use Squarespace, but Digico uses the most widely used open-source platform that can continuously support your website as it expands.

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