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Every good Real Estate Agency knows that the key to successfully selling a home is through great marketing.  

Equally successful Estate Agents know that be good within the Real Estate game is about apathy, connection and a strong recognisable brand. 

Whilst there’s some things that a Real Estate Agent can control directly such as professionalism, courtesy and trust which are all the key makings of a great Real Estate Agent, there’s some things where they must put their trust in others. Web design and an effective personal web design presence is one of those. 

Many Real Estate agents leave their marketing and online branding to the company with which they work. The challenge here it’s that their success is tied specifically and solely with one particular Real Estate Agency brand. 

What happens if that business is taken over, new management comes in or a change of direction that doesn’t sit comfortably with you commences from the top? Moving brands to protect your personal image, credibility and professionalism is ever harder when synonymous with your chosen Agency brand – simply put you are hostage to that brand’s whims 

Here at DIGICO we know there is another way. We have worked with many successful Real Estate Agents to ensure that can stand firmly on their own two feet generating leads, traffic and referrals from their own Real Estate website. 

How much is a new Real Estate listing worth to you? how much are you currently paying for a lead that results in a successful sale? 

The reality is that for Real Estate agents being found, being present and being professional, are mandatory requirements for building a successful Real Estate Brand and business.  

If you want to protect your Real Estate brand going forward and wish to have an online presence where you can showcase solely your listings, your successes, your business acumen and your value added and not be seen as another face within the agency, you need your own professional website. 

So what should I Real Estate Agency website have? 

Success sales. You know this – We know this.  

That is why we are so confident in our success and our designs we don’t hide them away. Here at DIGICO our Real Estate Agency website designs are immediately available for you to view.  

We equally ensure that your business it’s our priority. On our business and growth plans we write the content to ensure a successful start to your personal Real Estate Agency website, we will source images we will put it in your keywords and we will optimise the site for submission to Google. 

A successful Real Estate Agency website needs to have 

  1. Clear calls to action 
  1. An effective way to resonate and connect with your target audience 
  1. Your current listings – what shows success more than the listings you already have? 
  1. Previous sold properties – show how good you are within the area in which you operate through your past performance. 
  1. Quotes from happy customers or even video testimonials 
  1. Free appraisal contact forms 
  1. A mobile friendly website 
  1. Fast load speeds for your website 
  1. A Real Estate Agency website design that matches the professionalism of your personal service 
  1. A site which ranks highly on Google 

We believe these are the key ingredients for the recipe of success within the Real Estate industry when trying to rank effectively online.  

We don’t know what it takes to sell a house. 

We don’t know what it takes to close a deal with a perspective buyer.  

We don’t know the correct way in which to undertake property viewings and encapsulate the heart of a home within a property listing.  

We are a digital marketing Agency, founded by the team behind – What we do know is how to make beautiful websites with clear calls to action that crucially rank effectively and highly on Google. 

Here at DIGICO our philosophy is simple – Build beautiful sites the effectively rank customers on search engines for an affordable price through our unique template model. 

We ensure that those designs which we create are best practice.  

If you are a real estate agent looking for the best website designs for real estate agents, check out our designs. 

You website doesn’t need to cost more than your commission, if you want to get online fast and ensure your brand online matches your professionalism within the Real Estate industry itself why not check out Real Estate website designs 

DIGICO is the web design company for you and your Real Estate Agency website. 

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