Surefire Ways to Grow Your Plumbing Business Online

It used to be that an online buyer’s journey went through a linear path, and it is backed by the sales team. It’s a top to bottom approach where customers enter at the top and exit at the bottom by buying the product. The modern sales funnel runs through a loop where there are many twists and turns, and each consumer can have a personalised path. The phases are still the same as in the past. These are awareness, consideration which includes research and the discovery loop, purchasing, and post-purchasing experience along with the loyalty loop. For you to have continuous lead generation, more bookings for your plumbing company, and repeat customers, you have to connect and interact with your customers in every stage of the looping sales funnel. This is why you need to have a multi-channel digital marketing strategy.  

The Best Advertising and Marketing Channels to Increase Leads 

Companies can choose from the following marketing channels for their advertising initiatives: search engine marketing, social media marketing, pay-per-click marketing, video marketing, email marketing, the company site, customer service, and generation of positive customer reviews. 

Search Engine Marketing 

Your plumbing business can’t grow when your web pages are not appearing for Google searches in the areas that you cater to. This entails you putting more search engine optimisation efforts to increase rankings over numerous cities or regions. You have to work more on your local SEO as well by targeting keywords that include the name of the city or the post code of your district. This will make it easier for customers who are looking for plumbers in your service areas to find you. According to statistics, about 97 percent of consumers go online when they look for local services. List your plumbing company in Google My Business and make sure that you have your company name, address, and phone numbers accurately recorded. 

Pay Per Click Marketing 

There are many advantages to engaging in pay per click marketing such as instant traffic, warm leads, and positive ROI, but you have to evaluate first if it is for you. Due to the low barriers of entry you’ll find you might have competitors with deeper pockets stealing your business by out bidding you on Google. 

A Plumbing Website That Rocks 

There are three major aspects to consider in your plumbing website: speed, security, and mobile-friendly design. Speed can make or break your plumbing site. Around 40 percent of users are likely to abandon a site if it does not load in three seconds. It’s a must to havean SSL certificate to ensure site security. Approximately, 84 percent of users will not continue a purchase when it leads them to an unsecured site. Site security can also help boost your SEO and prevents it from being hacked and is now mandated by Google. It’s best to ensure that your plumbing site has a mobile-friendly design. This will make sure that the site can be accessed using any kind of mobile device. More than 75% of your site traffic will come from mobiles.  

This is where DIGICO can help. We have pre-made ready to go website templates suitable for your plumbing industry. We ensure these meet all current Google requirements and due to our unique model can protect your investment with refreshed web designs every three year at no cost! 

Social Media Marketing 

A whopping 75 percent of consumers expect any company or business to have a social media presence. The average social media consumer spends more than 2 hours using social media daily. Several social media platforms can be used for social media marketing. It all depends on who your targeted audience is. 

Email Marketing 

Setting up email marketing campaigns has been an effective way of promoting products and services consistently. You can send a newsletter to your customers regularly to update them of the latest updates in the service which include new deals, new services, or a new branch.  

With a website from DIGICO we can integrate in your chosen email marketing platform to help your business grow. 

Customer Reviews 

Set up certain measures that will help you gain positive reviews from customers. Come up with a strategy to gather positive reviews consistently. About 88 percent of consumers trust online reviews much like personal recommendations from loved ones and family members.  

Growing a business online is not a walk in the park. It entails a lot of investments. For you to get started on it, come and talk to us here at DIGICO. We are the home of affordable web design. 

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