We are Digico – Affordable Web Design

Hi, we are DIGICO. We offer Web Design at an affordable price.  

How? – Well, the way this is made possible is through the use of industry specific template designs customised to individual businesses.

By creating custom designs that are then licensed means that we here at DIGICO we can offer websites that would typically cost in excess of $2000 + for just a fraction of the price. 

What’s more, we include many other value added benefits (included in the price of many of the plans) such as:  

  • bespoke copywriting 
  • SSL certificate  
  • Backups and support 
  • Annual Domain name 
  • Email accounts 
  • Six monthly website review meetings  
  • …. and much much more. 

 We believe websites and web design should be available to all businesses. Our aim is to ensure any business which wishes to get online can do so and there is not a financial barrier stopping businesses from getting online. 

 If you would like to partner with DIGICO and have us as your web partner for your business industry or consortium we would be delighted to speak to you.  

 If you are part of a business group or industry, or looking to set up a franchise requiring multiple sites we can offer customised pricing to support you, which acknowledges the scale and quantity of websites required. 

 So why partner with us? 

 DIGICO is part of 1768degrees.com and as such websites, SEO, content writing and general online marketing is within and part of our DNA. 

 This allows us to not just build websites, we live and breathe them instead.  

 We wish to see all our clients succeed which is why we within our business and growth plans offer six-month review meetings within our pricing. We are more than happy to share our knowledge and expertise with our clients to enable them to have similar opportunities to those larget multinational clients we work with.  

 Here at DIGICO, our sites are built with the same relentless attention to detail towards what works for Google. We know budgets can be tight when launching and so enter stage right: DIGICO. 

 Give us a call today 0800 33 1768. We would love to support your business. 

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