Why Website Self-Management is Important

Do you have a website which you need to be able to edit yourself yet don’t have access to?

Self-management doesn’t mean editing the coding, but does mean able to edit and add wording and images.

A website is a necessary requirement of any business regardless as to whether or not they sell online. All businesses require an online presence with over 86% of customers (even from referrals searching online for you before visiting!)

Some web design companies create websites for an ‘upfront affordable price’ with the devil lying in the details, tying business owners to require the services of the website developer or website designer to make changes no matter how minor or small. These costs soon rack up making this affordable website, rather costly.

We here at DIGICO do not believe this is a sustainable solution for small businesses who like you wanting to get online and focus on what they do best.

So why do you need to be able to self-manage your website?

Did you know that Google expects, requires and rewards those sites who regularly update their content regularly?

Much like your business hours sign, your lights being on, door being open and shop windows clean let customers know when you’re open, Google requires you to let them know through regular content or social cues that your business is available to their customers (those searching) that your business is also still open for business.

If you cannot update the content yourself then very quickly a cheap and affordable website can become a costly exercise and typically businesses will give up on updating their site on a regular basis.

We believe here at DIGICO that customers should be able to login, manage edit and add content as they wish.

We also believe that a blog should be part of a design not an added extra. Whilst we support our customers in their overall look and feel and remove any elements from our designs which are not wanted, we believe in offering everything as a single solution as opposed to charging extra for every little thing. Some call this a breath of fresh air, we call is being fair.

Our sites are intuitive to update, come with a user guide as well as the ability to reach out and seek support from those who made it – US.

If you have a website currently which you cannot update why not move to the world‘s number one website platform WordPress and experience how a DIGICO website done for you, put into your branding and colours as well as the extra benefits we include could support and enhance your businesses online presence?

Contact DIGICO today and experience why our clients are more like family than customers 


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