Hi, We are Digico

We want to revolutionise Web Design to support small businesses across the globe.


Digico was formed by the team behind 1768degrees.com Web Design and SEO Specialists. We know that small businesses need a solution to get online. A bespoke web design solution isn’t possible for many businesses, which is why we developed Digico.


Our mission is simple, to support businesses in achieving their goals. To support our customers, support their customers by being present when they search for products and services.


Our goal is simple: To ensure ALL businesses are able to access Affordable Web Design services

Get Started Today

Contact the team at DIGICO to start your journey today. From getting online to growing we will be here every step of the way. Websites without the bull. DIGICO is on a mission to make Web Design Affordable for all businesses.

What we do

We get your business online and found by your customers. Our services are designed to help your business grow. Getting online is a must in today’s search-driven world.

If you want extras such as Metadata, Content Writing and competitor analysis, our add-ons are affordable and deliver amazing results

What we Offer

We offer a one-stop solution to get your business online. Professionally designed websites with the license fees and hosting all within the low monthly fee. These designs are tailored to suit your industry.

Want extras? Perhaps monthly meetings to discuss competitor rankings or tips to support your own ranking on Google? Alternatively, you may seek us to write some content for you optimised for search? No stresses. We cover the whole kit and caboodle. All the stuff you need without the bull.

What’s more, YOU are in control. Add products and services as you need them. No longer need our services? Cancel before the next billing cycle. It is that easy. You are in total control. No Hassle.

Amazing designed websites. Lightning-fast hosting (we use Google Cloud as our hosting partner provider). Designed for search. We want you to be on page one of Google. Our website designs are affordable and suitable for most business industries.